Welcome Home Brothers



Welcome to the USMC Vietnam Veterans of 3rd Bridge Company Website.

If you, are a former member, that served with the 3rd Bridge Company in Vietnam.
(We also Welcome our Brother Bridgemen, from 1st Bridge Company.)

Time for you to, once again, answer the call, ‘BRIDGE OUT.’

Your brothers have been looking for you. The ‘Bridge’ of fellowship, formed by the heat of combat, is one that never dies. Add to that the task of building a bridge under those adverse conditions and we have a ‘Team” the real world can only imagine.

For those of you who just surfed on in, please stay awhile, browse the Website and I believe you will learn a little about the work horse of the United States Marine Corp, the ‘Combat Engineer’ MOS 1371.

A Combat Engineer is a Marine trained in explosives, demolition, mines, booby traps and not just ours but also the enemy’s. Toss in carpentry, painting, rigging, hand control signals for heavy equipment and oh, did I mention building Combat Bridges.

Then add in being your own security, your own recon of the bridge sites, most of them out in the boonies. Up all day and all night, working on Bridges. At night, we worked on those bridges under big powerful lights. The snipers worked on us all night long too.

“No self respecting Grunt would be caught under lights, at night, in Nam.” Capt. John Hornung USMC

Welcome Home Brothers.

“Mine is not to reason ‘Why,’
Mine is only to do or die.”

United States Marine Hymn
by the
“United States Marine Corps Band”

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