Bobby Cook’s Photo’s

L-R; Bob Phillips, Bobby Cook, Troy Morris, James Willis. Picture taken at DaNang, possibly Namo Bridge. Hai Von Pass in background.
Left- Lt. Johnson swings sledge hammer.
Guy in the white T-shirt and pulling a cable is Sgt. Martin.

Floating Pontoon Bridge at AndersonTrail bridge site.

Ferry at An Lo
We maintained it and did most of the security.
On the ferry is a M6 Tank.

Sgt. Martin
At a site we put in a road bed beside the bridge and repaired the old French Bridge.

M6 Bay Bridge
Looks to be OK, even with Lt.Johnson’s assist.

Start of the Cumberland Bridge.

The Cumberland Bridge.
Later dedicated, “Cooper Bridge”

L-R; Bob Phillips; Troy Morris; ?; ?; ?; Marine with his hands on hips we think, is Leo Reed. Hai Von Pass in the background, which would make this the ‘Namo’ Bridge site. When I got in country, this bridge was washed out and we put in a ferry.


Morris, Willis, and Phillips at Camp Love.
May 1967

Some of you may remember this one. After, we installed the bridge, the rain started. The River got wider, or was it the bridge GOT SHORTER!