Cpl. Pablo C. Reyes he was NCOIC of the Convey Detail This was on the perimeter wires around the Convey Staging area at FLC.


PFC. Thomas O’Keefe same area at FLC, he’s sitting on top of one of the Bridge Trucks, behind the 50 cal Machine Gun , which is under the tarp.


First Bridge North of FLC, it was called ‘Namo Bridge’ The Security was 2/7. The main Bridge is fixed here. In Nov. we had a floating pontoon bridge, that got washed out. Spent all day picking up the pieces along the shore. Spent all that night and half the next day, building a ferry at Namo. We pulled it across with a 5 ton truck, took the cable off and the truck on the far shore pulled the Ferry back. We burned up a few 24″ Diameter pulleys, even with a person dripping oil on the shaft. As soon as it was operational, we started moving traffic, ten miles of bumper to bumper on each side of the river. Four trucks at a time, for two solid days and nights under BIG lights, with no rest. It was dark thirty hours when we cleared the traffic. We collapsed got around four hours sleep and moved more traffic till late that evening. Also of note, 2/7 lost a squad on our fifth night, they walked into their own ambush site, the radio operator was the only survivor, he had his trigger finger shot off. It was my first experience with a bridge site. Mike Moran


This is the South slope of the mountain we called Hai Van Pass. The white line through the center is the road and the trucks a stretched out on it from the left to the far right. At the top, we would wait for the trucks to catch up/close up, it would take 15 minutes, nice time to buy a cold coke from the gook kids. They always wanted the bottle back, so you had to drink it fast.


Both left and right photos are of the North
slope of Hai Van Pass. The French built the
road, it use to be NARROWER. I often
wondered if they built the chuck holes into it


Driver, L/Cpl Cook Passenger is Capt. Smith 3rd Bridge Co. Commanding Officer. I was sitting straight up when I took this. The road leans a bit to the right,… That would be the clouds in the top


This is at the base of the North slope, going South. We would get a bird’s eye view of the countryside, from the top of the bridge loads. We also got the brunt of the sniper fire too. I believe this is the Water Fall curve.


First Village on the North side of Hai Van Pass. We’re stopped to let the rest of the Convoy catch up again before we take off on the ‘Bowling Alley’ several miles of straight, flat rice paddy country. We’d make up some time running that stretch, before we got to Phu Bia.


Or you could stay at the Staging area, and eat out! That’s me on the left, Mike Moran, and our driver on the right.


Sign on the door reads; “1st Plt. 3rd Brg.” at Gia Le Combat Base outside of Phu Bai. Don’t look like much, but it was. hot shower, hot food, and a dry spot to sleep.